Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the difference between user and member?
The difference between user and member is that member can have their logo, profile photo, website link or contact info (or about us) for each ad post while user has limited only to contact number.

2. Is ADZ.PH free to post forever?
Yes, ADZ.PH is free to post forever. That means users and members can post at ADZ.PH for free without any payment. Having said that, in order to continue serving free ads to maintain the cost of developing the website, we offer paid ads for other type of ads with premium settings and premium privileges. Example: Banner ads, contextual ads, featured ads.

3. How many ads that I am allowed to post?
There are no limit of the number of ads per user and member provided that user or member does not create multiple account for the sake of duplicating and creating multiple ads. There are exceptions to the rule so make sure you must read the terms and conditions.

4. How many days my ads expire?
Users and members during the beta phase the expiry period will be after 90 days from the date of posting. After the beta phase, ads will expire every 30 days.

5. After my ads expired, what will happen to my ads?
The ads will not be removed. It will only be marked as "expired". It will just stay in your account unless you want to delete or update the details to "sold" or "unavailable".

6. If I have other questions, where can I send my questions?
You can go here and send us your questions.

Updated: 08/12/2015

Posted : Jul 31,2015 - 10:50am