About ADZ.PH

Welcome to ADZ.PH website. We developed this classified ads website to make it easier finding real estate properties* and sell stuff that you think you do not want any more.

Philippine online classified ads today has become a leading source to find the right information for products or services in the Philippine online space. It is a very competitive industry and most companies are buying other ad companies just to dominate the industry. ADZ.PH will bring another competition to the table that challenges Internet users to find another alternative to buy and sell products or services online. ADZ.PH will offer unique ways and marketing strategies on how to showcase products and offer them to the right audience.

Few points and unique proposition how we position in the market:

1. We open categories by phases. For the first phase we open only few categories like real estate for example.

2. Anybody can join and become a member and can post an ad but membership goes through an approval process.

3. Each category can only be allowed to only a certain number of users. Meaning, we make founding members for each category up to a certain number of allowed users to become members and then such time we impose membership through invitation only. Currently, we are on beta so registration is still open. Also premium membership and paid advertising to our website is available. Please use our contact us form here.

4. Each city or town will be given a township or mayorship to members who qualify for the position and there can be several mayors in a town. Each mayor or shall we say "leaders" will own several categories but not more than 3 categories and no leader can own more than once per category. More detailed information will be announce soon.

5. And many features and selling points will be added, updated or amended soon.

ADZ.PH will be the future of online advertising in the Philippines so we encourage you to participate and become a member today!

Start here: www.adz.ph/lp/application

Posted : Jun 06,2015 - 12:48am